Eliminate Taste & Odour including Chemical and Heavy Metal reduction through the latest technologies in Water Filtration in Portable, Under Bench, Whole House and Larger Commercial Flow applications.


A unique water purification process that removes ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water and commercial applications that require the removal of dissolved solids.


Ensure your water meets all health, safety and compliance requirement through UV Disinfection eliminating the risks associated with Bacteria, E-Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Viruses.


Check out the very latest in technology in Water Pumps that will pay for themselves in less than 4-5 years through energy savings and at the same time operating with constant water pressure and very low level noise.


Get access to a comprehensive range of Water Tanks, size and colours along with a comprehensive range of accessories including; Pre-Tank Filters, Leaf Screens, Digital Pump & Tank Level monitoring along with full system and design.


Essential for a range of commercial applications including, Hospitals, Laboratories, Food Manufacturing and for the decerning homeowner who wants the very best in Filtration for the effective removal of all suspended solids down to 0.01 Micron in size.


By following a strict Water Testing process we get to understand your Water Source along with any requirements specific to your application, this then allows us to provide a customised Water Treatment Solution ensuring peace of mind with our Water Quality Guarantee.


Get introduced to the very best in Sustainable Hydration Solutions for the busiest environments including; Offices, Hospitals, Gyms, Education etc… whether indoors or outdoors we have it covered.


Discover the large range of industry related components, fittings and accessories we have in stock including our extensive range of Filters, UV Lamps and Water Treatment Media allowing us to provide service on all leading brands in the market.




Good Water is essential to every home, depending on your water source we provide solutions that eliminate unwanted Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and E-coli.


Providing easy access to Water in the busy workplace, school, gym or outdoor environment is vital and the key to staying well Hydrated.


Water is the single most important ingredient in Foodservice. Reduce power and maintenance costs by ensuring your equipment is well protected and your beverages taste great.


We help farmers get off Water Exclusion and become compliant with Fonterra by providing water solutions that solve their specific water issues.


We follow a strict process that allows us to provide customised water solutions to match your industry requirements for manufacturing or process water.

Get to know Aqua

What We Do

We offer our customers a one-stop solution by providing a comprehensive range of products and associated services for all water-related needs. From filtration to treatment, cooling to bottling, pumping to storing and design to installation, we have it covered.

Our Focus

Aqua’s mandate is to educate and provide a comprehensive range of solutions that improve Water Quality and ultimately improve “Quality of Life” in the lives of our customers.

Target Market

We operate in all markets including; Residential/Lifestyle, Office/Commercial, Foodservice, Rural & Industrial and we give focus to each of these markets through our nationwide Licencees within each division. We also work directly with corporate partners, specifiers and resellers to bring our products to the market.

Our Model

Our divisional model is designed to provide expertise in each area of the market by offering high quality and innovative products plus a range of complementary services. The products and services we offer are backed by our nationwide team all specialising in their chosen market to ultimately provide customers with the best overall solution and experience available in the market.

Why Clients choose Aqua

We provide a nationwide team of specialists all dedicated and focused on the needs of our customers with a mission to provide a first class customer experience. As a group, we are committed and proud members of the Water Quality Association, a worldwide body dedicated to promoting high principles of integrity and professionalism in the water quality improvement industry.


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