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Local Water Issues

The Taranaki comes with specific local water problems. Get informed on the most common problems and how we can help you.



Most town supplies have chlorine in them for our safety, but consumers do find the taste and or smell unacceptable.

Watercare uses a variety of processes, some chemical in treating the water before it gets to your tap. This is what gives the taste and smell in mains water. Hatfields Beach, Orewa, Whangaparoa, Red Beach, Millwater, Sliverdale & Kumeu all have chlorinated water from Auckland, this water also has Fluoride added to it.

Helensville/Parakai has water supplied from Mangakura Dam 1 and Sandhills Weir supply. An upgrade to the treatment plant has improved water quality, however, quality filtration can reduce the chemical and sediment loading.

Welsfords main water supply is from the Hoteo River. It’s fairly high in sediment and chlorine and needs quality filtration to improve the taste.

Warkworth’s Water supply is currently a mixture of bore water and river water. Its heavily chlorinated, and fairly dirty but is fluoride free. There is a new bore supply coming online before the end of 2018 which is hoped will improve the quality of water and future-proof the towns water supply as the population expands by 5 times in the next 10 years.

Snells Beach/Algies Bay has a unique supply from 3 bores that feed it. Its also heavily chlorinated, but is fairly clean and sediment free. This water has a uniquely high mineral content which causes major issues with any shiny surface like your shower glass or your car or windows. We have a unique solution for this unique water content.

Heavy Metals are an issue on all plumbed installations. Metals can leach from the metal fittings used in your home or treatment plants such as lead, nickel, cadmium, and copper. Some taps/faucets are known to leach lead into the water. Watercare on advice from the Ministry of Health recommends you flush your taps for 500ml after several hours without using water.


These can include bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter. Viruses like Hepatitis A & E, Norovirus, and Calcivirus. As well as Protozoan parasites like Giardia.

Living organisms are likely to be present intermittently and the number of them present will vary. These are commonly found in rainwater supplies, as well as in surface waters, springs and shallow or unsecured bores.

Birds pooping on your roof are the main carriers, however its also common to find small birds, snails, vermin, and insects in your tank water in Rodney, depending on your particular rain-harvesting installation.


Bore water in Rodney can have multiple issues and these can be unique from each location. Generally, if your going down over 200meters the water is of better quality.

Northern and coastal Rodney can have issues with boron, chlorides and salt intrusion. Other areas with shallow bores can be brackish and unsuitable for human consumption. Generally, our bores can be moderately high in silica, calcium/hardness, iron, and manganese. There is also evidence nitrates levels are increasing in some areas. Each contaminant often needs a different approach to treatment to make sure the water is safe to drink.

We always recommend a full chemical water test on every bore before we make recommendations for treatment. Contact us for details 0212787427.

Solutions for your Water Supply

Whether you are on municipal, rural or other water, we have the solution to suit your needs.


New Zealand “Mains“ water depending on where you live is derived from various sources and usually processed via a treatment plant before being supplied to us as consumers.

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“Rain” water is evaporated water which falls and hits the roof before being collected in a storage tank. As the water falls through the sky it dissolves carbon dioxide, which makes it acidic.

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  • Bore Water
  • Spring Water
  • River Water
  • Dam Water
  • Water Scheme etc...

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We offer customers a FREE On-Site consultation to ensure you get the right product first time and all our products are backed by a comprehensive after sales service program which includes our "Aqua Guarantee" and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

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What We Offer

  • Free onsite appraisals, so we can match the right product with your personalised setup
  • We use certified products, NSF, Watermark, WQA (Water Quality Association)
  • Certified Installers and fully trained service technicians
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  • We are easy to work with, easily contactable and we are a friendly team
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  • “We are committed to providing 100% Customer Satisfaction, this is our AQUA GUARANTEE”

Taranaki Service Areas

New Plymouth District

  • Mohakatino
  • Tongaporutu
  • Ahititi
  • Waiiti
  • Uruti
  • Mimi
  • Okoki
  • Urenui
  • Onaero
  • Motunui
  • Waitara
  • Tikorangi
  • Purangi
  • Ratapiko
  • Kiamata
  • Waitui
  • Huirangi
  • Lepperton
  • Sentry Hill
  • Waiongana
  • Inglewood
  • Norfolk
  • Tariki
  • Kaimiro
  • Korito
  • Mangorei
  • Egmont Village
  • Hurworth
  • Tarurutangi
  • Koru
  • Kaitake
  • Oakura
  • Omata
  • Paraite
  • Brixton
  • Bell Block
  • Hillsborough
  • Burgess Park
  • Whalers Gate
  • Marfell
  • Spotswood
  • Moturoa
  • Blagdon
  • Lynmouth
  • Hurdon
  • Ferndale
  • Frankleigh Park
  • Vogeltown
  • Westown
  • Brooklands
  • Upper Vogeltown
  • Welbourn
  • Highlands Park
  • Merrilands
  • Fitzroy
  • Glen Avon
  • Waiwhakaiho
  • Strandon
  • Tataraimaka
  • Okato
  • Pukeiti
  • Port Taranaki

Stratford District

  • Mahoe
  • Pembroke
  • Midhirst
  • Cardiff
  • Stratford
  • Te Popo
  • Ngaere
  • Toko
  • Pukengahu
  • Huinga
  • Douglas
  • Tututawa
  • Strathmore
  • Kiore
  • Te Wera
  • Puniwhakau
  • Makahu
  • Pohokura
  • Whangamomona
  • Aotuhia
  • Kohuratahi
  • Tahora
  • Tangarakau

South Taranaki District

  • Warea
  • Pungarehu
  • Rahotu
  • Oaonui
  • Te Kiri
  • Awatuna
  • Auroa
  • Pihama
  • Waiteika
  • Opunake
  • Kaupokonui
  • Manaia
  • Kapuni
  • Kaponga
  • Mangatoki
  • Matapu
  • Okaiawa
  • Tokaora
  • Ohawe
  • Hawera
  • Normanby
  • Eltham
  • Rawhitiroa
  • Maata
  • Mangamingi
  • Matemateaonga
  • Araata
  • Ohangai
  • Mokoia
  • Manutahi
  • Alton
  • Hurleyville
  • Moeawatea
  • Ngamatapouri
  • Mangawhio
  • Waverly
  • Patea
  • Kakaramea
  • Waitotara
  • Waiinu Beach
  • Whareroa

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